We service all the Elementary and Junior High schools in the Lancaster City School District.

  • Mt. Pleasant Afterschool Center: 712 N. Broad St. Site Director- Kristin Bashore 740-415-4076 kbashore @westafterschoolcenter.org
  • Tarhe Trails Afterschool: 2141 Greencrest Way Site Director- Amber Thimmes 740-475-9250 athimmes@westafterschoolcenter.org
  • Gorsuch West Afterschool: 440 Trace Dr. Site Director- Karen Martin 740-475-8243 Gorsuch West is currently receiving 21st Century Funds.
  • Medill Afterschool: 1160 Sheridan Dr. Site Director- Dawn Shonk 740-475-9626 dshonk@westafterschoolcenter.org  Medill is currently receiving 21st Century Funds
  • Tallmadge Afterschool: 694 Talmadge Ave. Site Director- Diane Warner 740-438-4756 dwarner@westafterschoolcenter.org Tallmadge is currently receiving 21st Century Funds.

The home office for all the programs is the Afterschool Center at 620 Garfield Ave.